Everybody spotted this girl who snorted her nose while the edge of her dress was swaying in the wind. This girl, Beatrice, looked straight forward at the situation to see how the battle was going. The people that were at this big plaza of the waterway town included Ley Batenkaitos of Gluttony, who had conspicuous wounds, and Otto’s group of 4, who were confronting Batenkaitos. After Beatrice took a look at Otto and the rest, she let out a blunt sigh.

[Beatrice: It’s my rather pathetic comrades, I suppose.]

Felt and Otto were in such a poor condition that they could not reply at all to Beatrice’s insults, who let a sigh as she let out her impression. They only knew that Beatrice joining this fight would surely be the turning point of this battle, which seemed to only be getting worse and worse. Naturally, a feeling similar to relief swelled up within Otto.

[Otto: Bea-]

Otto immediately closed his mouth as he began to call out Beatrice’s name. Batenkaitos is this person who is able to eat people’s names. Just earlier, Otto had requested Felt and the others to deceitfully act as if they didn’t know each other’s names. Realizing this, he closed his mouth as he surely didn’t want to violate his own proposition.

Batenkaitos, the person who Otto was trying to hide his name from, showed clear irritation from Otto’s plan to intrude on his meal.  Otto’s plan irritated Batenkaitos, because in order for him to eat someone’s name, he had to know what the person’s name was. Therefore, Otto could not allow Batenkaitos to learn Beatrice’s name. He moved his hand around while being suppressed. However, Otto’s precautions would end in futility. This is because—–

[Batenkaitos: —-Beatrice-sama? Why are you walking outside?]

Batenkaitos tilted his head and said these words to Beatrice. Gluttony still continued to say strange words as he looked at Beatrice.

[Beatrice: ——]

[Batenkaitos: Even when you were so adamantly opposed to going outside…other than when it came to meals, other than when you were with spirits…aahhh, was there an exception?]

Batenkaitos continued to talk and talk while Beatrice kept silent. Although it wouldn’t be entirely accurate to call them exact words of someone close to Beatrice, she still felt like they were words that made her feel distant and reminded her of the relationship with this certain someone. It was a relationship that she held dear in the past.

[Otto: Your acquaintance from the past….Beatrice-sa—-]

Batenkaitos. Beatrice’s past relationship. With the disappearance of there having been any reason to have avoided saying each other’s names, Otto attempted to question Beatrice about her past relationship, but his throat clogged up halfway. He now unconsciously looked at Beatrice.

[Beatrice: I’ve figured it out. So that’s your trick, I suppose.]

Beatrice muttered these words with a heavy and low voice. It was a voice that was low toned not out of intimidation, but rather to calm her own emotions. Beatrice, who was trying her best to avoid showing anger on her face, looked into the impure Batenkaitos’ eyes, and then distorted her lips as feelings of disgust swelled up inside her, wondering what on earth did she just see.

[Beatrice: Just how many people must you amass within yourself until you feel shame?]

[Batenkaitos: I wonder? However, I don’t think the amount we eat is as bad as how much Roy eats. Roy eats anything, as he is fine with eating poor quality food. The amount we eat is different, as we are people who pick carefully! Roy is incompatible with us because when it comes to food, we evaluate lives because we really value quality.]

Batenkaitos described eating names and memories as eating food. Things like calling himself gluttony and making it sound as if there was a peculiar sense of beauty to classify eating people’s loved ones as being careless of quality were two kinds of things that Otto could not possibly comprehend.


And now, Beatrice too would act as if she could not possibly comprehend Batenkaitos, the same way Otto could not comprehend him. She felt like the feelings of disgust she felt towards Batenkaitos were not predictable feelings that were simply emitted. They were feelings that resulted from something more different: a threatening concept that was different in regards to its basis.

Otto thought that, if perhaps that concept was to use someone who already knew Beatrice, and that someone was a person Batenkaitos knew as well, then—–that’s when Otto understood what had happened. There was a possibility that Batenkaitos knew Beatrice through an arbitrary reason.

[Otto: …No way]

Batenkaitos’ way of fighting was something that could only be reached by studying the path of the art of war for a long period of time.

Otto came up with a single hypothesis from the truth he gained from what Dynas’ had said before.

[Otto: I’ve come to hypothesize that you’ve even taken the experiences from the bodies of the people whose names and memories you’ve eaten. Things like your unarmed martial arts and your dagger techniques show extreme level of prowess that should difficult to reach at your age. If that’s true then…]

He could also even turn the skills of the people he ate into own food. Realizing this, it made sense how Batenkaitos looked like he was in his mid teens, having the ability to match the prowess of the masters of martial arts, allowing him to learn any field. Otto’s hypothesis was not just something that he was correct about, but it was something he was 100% certain about. If there was anything more to it then—-

[Otto: However, if there are even more things that are handed over other than their experiences then…]

It was a hypothesis of something vicious-something completely different than the threat of fighting prowess. Batenkaitos had once said:

—–I’m looking for that person of the speech that echoed throughout the town.

It was from that frail, fragile person who would become uneasy if he/she wasn’t able to be by his side to support him. Knowing Natsuki Subaru and being familiar with his personality for such a long time, it was understandable how this person came to feel this way. There was a mysterious part of this boy that made this person think of him like that.

However, they really were deep emotions that rose up because of the times when this person intimate to him with attraction. Being familiar with Subaru’s fragile strength and his weaknesses was proof that this person always by him. And now that proof, if it were to be one thing that was snatched away from Gluttony, then only one person came to mind when it came to the person concerned. It could be none other than that one girl—-

Otto too would lately and finally arrive at the type of disgusting feelings that Beatrice had reached. Batenkaitos looked at Otto-who had a different look in his eyes-with a look that indicated that he would be able to pour insight on what he had witnessed, and then took an elegant bow while wearing a smile that displayed his frank hostility.

[Batenkaitos: The first maid of Roswaal L Mathers’ mansion, wait wait wait. That’s not it.]

Batenkaitos spread both of his hands as he shook his head in the middle of naming himself. He caressed a single scar on his body-which had tons of scars all over-while showing restraint. The pitiful scar on the top of his shoulder looked as if it had taken a sharp, iron picket in the past.

[Batenkaitos: I am simply a lone, beloved person. The companion of my love, Natsuki Subaru, who will one day be renowned as a hero, Rem…was it?]


[Batenkaitos: Show us this beloved, great hero! Our hero must have been tested by us all the way up until now!]

Batenkaitos sneered while he stuck out his tongue and licked his wound. Otto involuntarily had blood rush up to his head. A grating sound was made as Batenkaitos viciously chewed on his molars. Otto was filled with such rage that he wanted to give a harsh blow to his face.

Gluttony’s tone and smile were all entirely making fun of that lone girl’s feelings.

Batenkaitos only cruelly held that girl’s feeling with ridicule and mockery while being unaffected from just how much that girl entreated to return safely. This caused a fire to light up within Otto’s heart as he thought to himself, “This Gluttony is someone that could never be forgiven.”

[Otto: Beatrice-san…..?]

In front of Otto, Beatrice counted the remaining parts of the ma-crystals that were tucked in her sleeves and gently removed them. Otto frowned from not being able to understand Beatrice’s intentions behind her reaching her hand out, as if she were telling him to keep calm. Then,

[Beatrice: Allow me to revise my first few words, I suppose. Well done on bringing me out here.]


[Beatrice: This person…this is the one person that we must not let Subaru meet, I suppose. If Subaru meets this person, then he will be hurt. He would definitely suffer a type of damage that would not be able to be repaired. Thus-]

[Otto: Let’s bring him down here ourselves!]

Otto let out this declaration, taking over for Beatrice’s last words. Even though Beatrice did not turn around, it was understood from her standing posture that she consented with Otto’s declaration. This girl was one of Subaru’s partners who all respected one another. Otto felt pain from being so familiar with this feeling of hesitance that came up whenever he tried to approach an atrocity in front of him.


Like that, Batenkaitos had not been the person to interrupt the people who made a complete change in their attitudes in order to face a formidable enemy. The person that actually interrupted them, who stood in line with Otto, who should have been silently watching the conversation all this time, was Felt. She pointed at Beatrice while fixing her supporting of the package that she held in her arms.

[Felt: It kinda seemed like you presented yourself self-confidently, but what can a small kid like you do in the first place? I’d like to hear about this from that guy.]

[Otto: Ah-, uhhh, right. Well, it’s kind of complicated to explain all that, but…]

Otto struggled to offer an explanation to offer Felt, who had over righteously pointed out things. Even if he told Felt that Beatrice is a spirit that made a contract with Subaru, she wouldn’t care about those details. But still, Beatrice’s level of strength without the presence of Subaru truly was worrisome.

[Beatrice: It’s surprises me how you can call me a little kid when you’re a little kid yourself. If you have time to worry about Betty’s competence, you should worry about your own thin figure that is unlikely to grow, I suppose.]

[Felt: You’re a brat that tends to say pretty offensive things, huh. For your information, ever since I’ve been able to properly eat and sleep, my chest and back have been growing. You’re the one that needs to worry about the future.]

[Beatrice: Unfortunately, Betty’s appearance will never change from this design. So……*pout*.]

Although an out of place quarrel began between these two, Beatrice was interrupted and their quarrel took a hold. The thing that caught Beatrice’s attention was this long, thin package that Felt was holding. Felt called this trump card a magical device, but Beatrice gave a look as if she were surprised at its appearance and then,

[Beatrice: That couldn’t possibly be a Metia, I suppose?]

[Felt: Metia?]

[Beatrice: My mother…..long ago, a great magician created a staff to pester with a dragon. It’s whereabouts should have become unknown, but this is fate, I suppose.]

Felt gave a vague nod in response to Beatrice correcting an essential part of her explanation. Beatrice did this but, it would however turn into a ridiculous conversation in every sense of the word if Otto told Felt that the “mother”, who Beatrice subsequently referred to as “great magician”, was actually the “witch” that disappeared from the legends. Although there were more things he wanted to investigate, when he considered the fact that the witch used this staff to pester the dragon, he thought that the witch’s credibility of her abilities was high.

[Otto: I’ve heard about the complexity of using this staff, but is its power reliable?]

[Beatrice: This is a staff that made a dragon kinda cry. Its power is guaranteed, I suppose.]

The example was so far fetched that it didn’t cause many feelings to pop up in response. Well, the only thing that it told them was that they were now in possession of a ridiculous weapon. Otto responded to Beatrice’s words with a nod, while Felt was still unconvinced.

[Felt: Let’s put off discussing about what this thing is for later. Moreover, is this little kid……]

[Beatrice: Your conscience is reasonably honest. However, your concern is unnecessary, I suppose. Because-]

[Felt: Aahh?]

[Beatrice: The battle is already commencing.]

Beatrice appeared to have an inappropriately fascinating smile on her face in front of Felt, who leaned her head in doubt. Beatrice lightly raised her finger and pointed at Batenkaitos, and when they looked over, everyone’s throat clogged up.

Purple, shining crystals were shrouding Batenkaitos’ surroundings.

[Batenkaitos: Oh Beatrice-sama, you have no mercy.]

[Beatrice: There’s no place in this world in stock of restraint and mercy to give you, I suppose.]

El Minya. This magical attack, which was a type of attack that is scarce in the realm of magic, frankly showed her hostility towards Batenkaitos.

Immediately after Batenkaitos grumbled his complaint, he rushed towards the petite body of the girl who was shooting him from above with boisterously dancing purple radiance. Her slender, upright body received a sharp, strong direct hit. Crystals were smashed up, cracks were made in the stone pavement, and a burst of smoke arose. This disastrous scene in the plaza truly proved their authority to commit such violations.

[Beatrice: Alright, let’s see what we have here.]

After being shown an overwhelming type of magical power, Beatrice turned towards Felt with a triumphant look on her face. Even when considering Beatrice’s childish attitude that contrasted with her continuously increasing age of 400, Felt was inevitably at a loss for words.

[Felt: We-well, you’re not bad.]

There still was a part where Felt seemed unwilling to honestly compliment Beatrice, as her courage didn’t really seem to compel her to do so.

[Ton: Yo-your voice is shaking, oh Miss Felt.]

[Felt: Yours is too! Stop saying stupid shit and look forward!]

Felt yelled at Ton, who cracked jokes with a trembling voice, to conceal the disturbance to her side. However, what she said was right. Batenkaitos, who should have defenselessly suffered an attack, was nowhere to be found within the center of the explosion from Beatrice’s magic.

[Dynas: It’s coming!]

Dynas’ trembling voice rose up and then everyone looked at the direction he was glaring at.  What they saw was Gluttony crawling around, moving like a spider with its limbs sticking to the ground. Gluttony smiled, showed frank hostility, and its eyes became bloodshot.

[Batenkaitos Hah hah! As expected of Beatrice-sama! Isn’t it excellent. Certainly it is excellent. It is excellent. Perhaps it is excellent. Surely it is excellent. So it is excellent. This is excellent. This is EXCELLENT!]

Shaking his head left and right, Batenkaitos jumped over the ground while messing up his hair, and rushed towards the group once again.

[Beatrice: 5 shots left.]

While Otto dealt with this approach, he heard Beatrice mutter something disturbing as she licked her lips.