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《Younger sister of the oni twins, the  rising heroine: Rem

Age: 17 Height: 154 centimeters Weight: Looks lighter than a morningstar

Appearance: A girl with light blue hair made into a short cut and a right eye concealed by her bangs that hang down. This is already in limbo too, so you can forget about it. She does have looks that make her and Ram look like two peas in a pod, but unlike her older sister, there are a lot of times when her eyes look gentle. Her breasts are actually slightly bigger than her sister’s, so she secretly changed the measurements of her maid outfit to hide that fact from her sister.

Characteristics: A quiet, competent, all-purpose maid. She has a hypocritically courteous way of talking. Sometimes she does things because of her being somewhat quick to jump to conclusions and she cause injuries, or rather, sometimes she causes Subaru’s fatal wounds. She has an unusually low opinion of herself, and she has an unbelievably high opinion of her sister. Therefore, she’s always tormented by an inferiority complex. Combining that with her feelings of guilt she had towards her sister in the past, the muddiness inside her became something serious.

As of now, she is completely attracted to Subaru, who admirably cleaned up that muddiness, and she has strong feelings for him as a woman.

She is strongly influenced by how she tried to deliberately get close to her sister and her appearance that made her and her sister look like two peas in a pod. Ram wanted to do something about Rem’s warped inferiority complex, but even if she said that, she had no effect and she half gave up. That’s when the aforementioned Natsuki Subaru came in. She was grateful for him improving Rem’s habit of looking backwards, but having suddenly been left by her younger sister, Ram’s complicated mental state still continues to be canceled by how she says prickly and sarcastic things to Subaru.

Putting those offstage interactions between Subaru and Ram aside, she acknowledged that she and her older sister were two different people and she started being released from that curse. That was when she thought to start growing out her hair; in order to have Subaru look her way, someone who had such affection for Emilia that it’d be obvious to outsiders, she thought of growing her hair with a sweet soul of doing it for the boy that seemed to like long hair.

After arc 2, she was someone who gave him absolute encouragement. Even if Subaru abandoned himself, she would be the only one who absolutely would not abandon him. Whether you think of that as a curse or a gift of love is up to you.

It’s often said that characters that go beyond the author’s plans come alive. Subaru is a protagonist that strongly goes towards that trend, but she is the one who jumped over that framework and moved it. Not even a fragment of the initial plot’s top face is left. As a result of love for her springing up, this has become the only character introduction that appears to be favored this much.

Abilities: “Oni Consanguinity” She is a survivor of the oni tribe, which is a tribe that possesses extraordinarily powerful strength even among demi-human tribes, and it seems to be confirmed that she is the only one that owns a horn for the oni clan. When her emotions get excited and she enters battle, a pure white horn grows out from her forehead, and her body’s abilities elevate at once. Also, the horn has a Gate role of collecting mana from the atmosphere, and if it is onified, it also allows the use of magic that is much more powerful than normal.

She studies water tree magic, and Roswaal evaluates her ability to be a lower-high tier. She is an honor student that handles healing and attacking standardly.

She is a user of the morningstar(Gun(_)(_)(_) Hammer), which is a weapon that has an iron sphere that has thorn chains attached to it. She surprisingly has no mercy with how she fights powerfully in battle. She’s now probably the most popular heroine in the work.