10/4/16 fixed the answer to the Emilia luggage location question. 

True to popular belief, a lot of his answers are very brief and indifferent(some even sound like he’s pissed). So I’ve only done a few here, and even then some of these aren’t very interesting either. I will possibly add more to this later…

Q: Is yandere Rem-chan the type to kill Subaru? Or is she the type to confine him?

A: She is the type to stand in front of obstacles in every way for Subaru’s sake, continuing to dedicate herself to it until she dies, no matter how many  limbs she loses.

Q: Blood and corpses are shown in a suitably extreme way, huh…Anyways, do you plan on making Beako a competitor to be a heroine like Rem and Emilia?

A: I think you’d know the answer to that if you read the novel, but Beako has a different position than Emilia and Rem have to Subaru.

Q: What do you have to do to get Rem to love you?

A: If you get killed 2, 3 times, save Rem while being half-dead in a helpless situation of being on the verge of death from having your whole body be chewed by dogs, and relieve her innate complex, you’ll get her to smile for you.

Q: Does the Subaru in the Natsuki Rem time axis experience a Return by Death that brings him after the part where the route diverges?

A: No

Q: Will we be able to see another Natsuki Rem chapter? I’m really looking forward to another.

A: Well, I’ll write it if I feel like it.

Q: Do you ever make a typo in Rem and Ram’s names?

A: It’s probably happened many times.

Q: Where does Emilia keep her luggage in her clothes? Does she have a pocket or something?

A: If you say that, then where the hell does Rem keep her iron flail? In her skirt? I know it’s a romance, but don’t investigate it!

Q: Do Subaru, Emilia, Rem, Ram, Beako, and Roswaal all have a humanities type of intellect? Or is it intellect in science?

A: Subaru, Rem, Emilia, and Beako have intellect in humanities. Ram and Roswaal have intellect in science.

Q: How did Rem become famous? What’s neko-san’s take on this?

A: Everyone loves maids.

Q:  If Rem didn’t get so popular, would the stream have been considerably different?

A: The stream would continue its course, but the height of its waves would be different.

Q: Is there a significance to the two children, Spica and Rigel, that were born from Natsuki Rem?

A: They are significant in that they are Subaru and Rem’s precious, irreplaceable children.

Q: I’m wondering if Rigel and Spica really do have oni power, considering they are half-oni.

A: Forgetting about Spica, Rigel can bring out his horn, so he does have it. If he were to use it in a fight against children, he’d receive a blow from Rem’s fist.

Q: Subaru has Rem, but why doesn’t he make a move when she’s that cute? Is he perhaps….

A: Is he perhaps→incompetent.

Q: Ultimately how many people would the Natsuki family have in the Natsuki Rem married couple chapters?

A: It’s hard to parent oni-humans, so I thought that perhaps they wouldn’t go beyond having their one son and one daughter. But of course, they’ll continue to flirt with each other until the very end.

Q: If Subaru grew up without ever going to the other world, would he live on without having an occupation? What would happen to Subaru if he went through “a life in a different world starting from no occupation” sort of thing? Specifically speaking, if he were to be a middle-aged man with views of a high school student that tried to rush into the different world, he would probably fall into nothing but despair, huh.

A: Nope. If he never went to the other world he would get scolded by Kenichi(his father) around the time he’d graduated high school and would withdraw from being a hikikomori. Kenichi would then support Subaru by rehabilitating him in his workplace. After about 2 years, he would enter university, graduate as a loner, become a working adult, and with stability of those reasonably essential qualities, he would honestly be living life as a full-fledged member of society, and then he would cling on to a kouhai with such a heart that-a Rem kind of heart-she would find his incompetence cute. They would have a normal marriage, and then he would live a suitably happy life until he died. There’s no way his dad would continue to be that irresponsible towards his son, you know?

Q: Please tell me how the girls would react from Subaru petting each of their heads!

A: Emilia: “What’s wrong?” Rem: “More please” Beako: “I-if you want to pet me, I won’t mind it.” Ram: “Such disdainful pride.”

The person that’s asking the question is using the parenthesis, not me.
Q: “If you sniff my scent, a corpse appears.(I’m not saying that the person he smells gets killed)” It’s well-known that Subaru has this type of stinky scent, but what kind of stinky scent is it? I can imagine it being the type of smell that you would have on your shoes after walking in heavy rain, but is that about it? What would Rem think of Subaru if he smelled like that year after year? Would she come up with a “the extreme bitterness of this coffee is what makes it delicious” sort of theory? Or perhaps the power of love?

A: The power of love. Rem would sniff Subaru to point that she wouldn’t even care very much about her own smell.