[Subaru: I’m later than usual, but]

Subaru did not head up the stairs that led to the third floor of the eastern wing where his room was located. Instead, he went towards the west wing where the girls’ slept in their rooms as he let out these explanatory words at the end, and then

[Subaru:―Sorry for intruding.]

Subaru would never forget to knock on the door before he entered the room. He knew that there wouldn’t be an answer. Even then, perhaps he did this because he couldn’t bear not being able to hold onto hope. Or maybe, maybe he confirmed the lack of answer in order to not forget…

――Perhaps he did it to not forget about the warmth of that flame that would continue to heat up perpetually within his body.


When he opened the door, he was greeted by a room that was becoming completely dark from the effects of the passing of the sunset. It was a simple room. It was clear that the amount of furnishings placed around the room was rather scarce, not deviating from the layout of the multitude of guest rooms that were located within the mansion. The curtains that were at the bed and window at the center of the room, along with the small, simple table with a vase that had arranged flowers, were things that were perhaps insufficiently taken care of. Even if he knew that there was no one to complain about it, he wasn’t fond of attitudes that insisted on practical appearances.

Even if he was told things like “You’re being sentimental” or “Your sentimentalism is too much”, he would still seek human warmth. If one day he was able to discard this as a weakness, he possibly may have never made a single visit. The reactions to Subaru’s expression of these feelings from the girls who were close to him were:

Emilia: “I think that If you were able to divide it like that, then you and I might’ve never had to fight so much to come to understand each other. So, I reeaally love this type of Subaru.”

Beatrice: “Wanting more even though there isn’t enough is a bad habit. If it’s only Subaru, then I can’t help but think that it’s anything but serious absurdness, I suppose. ……So as for right now, while you aren’t alone, even if you covet for it, I’ll do whatever I can for you.”

[Subaru: Spoiled, aren’t I? Also, Emilia-tan confused me so much with a profound speech after that.]

He wished that they wouldn’t say “love” or called him “attractive” so easily. Even if Subaru clearly told his feelings, Emilia’s mental growth wasn’t quite there yet. It seemed like no progress was made up until now for these two in regards to their understanding of the type of love formed in a relationship between a man and woman. Although, even if there was progress, Subaru also wouldn’t be mentally prepared. It would take 2―at least 3 years――no, if possible, even more than that, to be prepared. This was the type of incompetent state he was in.

[Subaru: It’s disrespectful to always talk about Emilia and Beatrice whenever I come to see you, huh. If Petra was around to hear me I’d seriously get yelled at.]

Depending on the situation, Petra―at her age―might be classified as a person who befittingly surpassed the other people in the mansion when it came to understanding the deeper subtleties of relationships between a man and a woman. It was like one thing after another showed ineptness in love―or rather, it felt like everyone in the mansion was overpowered by the fact that Roswaal would be the first on the list to be harmed if one were to make one misstep. Subaru also wouldn’t blame Garfiel for keeping his feelings towards his Ram as a middle school student and elementary school student type of affection. It was also complicated how Ram interpreted her extreme faithfulness as the type of love between man and woman. Frederica’s feelings on the subject were completely unknown. Otto would sometimes be spilling out rumors of love affairs while drinking alcohol in his seat, but everyone would unanimously decide that they were lies. It was completely shameful for the adults to fall behind this girl who was still 13 years old.

[Subaru: Now that I think about it, I wonder how it’d be. Even if Rem was awake, I feel like that situation wouldn’t really be any different. Maybe it’d be because of my incompetence. Maybe it’d be because you’d give me your props.]

Subaru said this while pulling out a chair and then sat down at the side of the bed. The faint moonlight that came in from the gap between the curtains just barely brought the figure of the girl―the girl whose sleeping face was being exposed on top of the bed―into his field of vision.

Her white face that bathed in the moonlight. Her cherry blossom lips. Her short, blue hair. Her body that was surprisingly rich with feminineness, wrapped in a light night gown. Her chest that went up and down from her systematic breathing. The Sleeping Beauty. ――The girl that has continued to be in a state of slumber like this for more than a whole year now.

[Subaru: I have so much to tell you today, because an uninvited guest came in with a ridiculous question. First, at the start of my morning, just like always――]

Subaru wore a calm face as he made a speech towards the sleeping girl. Even though he normally told his stories in a facetious way, the tone of his voice was extremely gentle. He told her about the day’s incident in a cheerful way with a tone that was similar to a considerate tone one would use when talking to a napping baby.

She did not respond. But even then, his romantic rendezvous could continue throughout the evening every time. Particularly, in this night where he had many things to talk about, Subaru would continue to tell his heartfelt, wild stories to the Sleeping Beauty up until the time when the moon would already be long gone.