This is a bit sudden, but the base for Emilia’s camp, Roswaal’s mansion, is actually different from the mansion that burnt down in the past in that it’s now instead the principal residence of Mathers’ Territory.
However, the layout of the mansion didn’t differ from the layout it had in the past, as it was formatted it in a familiar way; the book wing was placed in the center, and west and east wing buildings were established to the left and right. It was also formatted this way so that the spaciousness would be just about the same; even if they were to walk around inside, they would seldom come across confusing things.

The only problem is that it was just a bit too similar, making it more probable to forget about how the Alam village was no longer nearby. There were several occasions where Subaru would wake up with energy, seek to do radio calisthenics1 on the way to the village, and then in the middle of this long road, he’d realize that he didn’t know which way to turn next.
Beatrice would subsequently catch up to him in a fuss, and she would be really angry.

Anyways, they arrived at Roswaal’s mansion, got welcomed by the same old Petra and Ram, and entered the parlor where Roswaal, the chief of the mansion, awaited them, but―

[Roswaal: Oh, welcome back. It is great that you came back safe.]

Roswaal sits on the couch as he claps his hands, welcoming them on their return. Subaru and Emilia were reflexively taken aback by Roswaal’s welcome that was full with smiles.
They looked at his excessive and amicable smile, and then they looked at each other.

[Subaru: ……Emilia-tan, was anything weird written in the letter?]

[Emilia: I—I don’t know okay. Moreover, didn’t you even go as far as to prepare a weird gift? Because you know Subaru and Roswaal have secret talks sometimes, so……]

[Subaru: N—no way! And even if I were to plan on giving Roswaal a gift, I would put in my usual gratitude and I’d consult Emilia-tan, Beatrice, Petra, Frederica, Patrasche, and maybe even Ram to help me think of a way to reduce the amount of time and money needed for the gift.]

[Beatrice: Those were only names of girls, I suppose.]

[Subaru: Isn’t it embarrassing for me to ask people like Otto and Garfiel about a gift as a man to another man!?]

Subaru responded to the displeased Beatrice, and then he gave a wry smile in response to Emilia’s scornful eyes.
By the way, he deliberately left out Rem’s name in order to avoid causing anxiety for the others, so don’t get him wrong; he did feel guilty about it. Anyhow, Roswaal, who was witnessing the whole exchange, shrugged his shoulders and

[Roswaal: What a surprising reaction. I worry about your guys’ safety, so I wonder what’s so weird about me being glad that you’re all safe. It’s all natural, right?]

[Emilia: Thats—true, but…..Roswaal, you haven’t really showed that side of yourself to us that much until now, so……]

[Roswaal: I’ve also had various changes in my way of thinking this past year. Shouldn’t Emilia-sama be a bit happy about me becoming cooperative?]

[Emilia: Hmm. You’re right.]

Emilia responds to Roswaal’s brazen rejection in a way that was typical of her tolerant self as she accepts a change in her thoughts. He nods his head at Emilia, and just seeing her waving her palms back and forth made Subaru unable to leave it at this inadequate level of trust, but—

[Beatrice: Even if you were to try to understand his way of thinking, it wouldn’t be possible because it’s too odd. Subaru…..Subaru is also a little that, but the -ness of that is more, I suppose.]

[Subaru: You’re being too vague with your words.]

He pets the head of Beatrice, who seemed to have chosen to put in vague and senile words into her remark, and then moves towards Emilia as he steps into the parlor.
The cheery Roswaal—they doubted him, but they were somehow aware of his ulterior motive.
In reality, he actually did speak of his motive himself just a moment ago.

Roswaal was seriously glad about Subaru and Emilia coming back safe.
He no longer had his “book of wisdom”. Being amiable was the best move to make in order to fulfill his plans that he had not yet revealed; his only objective was to have Subaru’s actions break the obstacles that stood in the way.

[Subaru: If you feel that way, then that’s fine. Though, it’d be helpful if you were a little cooperative.]

[Roswaal: You will reach your goal with or without my help. That is why I believe my cooperation is an unnecessary portion of your power. It’s really not an even relationship.]

[Subaru: It feels like I’m suffering an arrangement in an RPG because the supporting character would be too cliché to use.]

It was an arrangement where the extremely powerful supporting character would do anything but participate in the battle.
It was a treatment that was also close to how Roswaal abstained from participating in battles; in his case he would become more and more entertained while he continued to sit back and watch Subaru—someone who believed in his own power to change fate with his ability “Return by Death”—take desperate measures, continuing to drive himself deeper and deeper into predicaments.
He was a cunning fellow, which made Subaru want to click his tongue.

[Anastasia: —Isn’t it about time you introduce us as well?]

[Subaru: Sorry to have you guys wait. Roswaal, they’re visitors. Allow them to seat themselves.]

[Roswaal: I’m listening. Nevertheless, you have some interesting members.]

The girl who waited out the corridor speaks out to the people standing at the entrance having a conversation. Subaru lets out a light apology to them, and then makes a hand gesture to Roswaal—who is sitting at the couch—signalling him to let them in.
Roswaal stands up and then sits back down in the chief seat with dead silence. He then appoints them over to the visitors’ sofa. Subaru and the others slowly rest their backs onto the sofa that faced towards Roswaal.

[Roswaal: Welcome to an even further distant place. The last time we spoke to each other face to face like this was at the recognition ceremony.]

[Anastasia: That’s true. Also, it wasn’t as if we spoke to each other in a proper conversation……this essentially is the first time it’ll feel like we’ll be speaking to each other.]

The recognition ceremony that came up in this conversation was the formal recognition of the suppression of the white whale accomplished by the combination of the Emilia camp, Anastasia camp, and Crusch camp. It was a ceremony where they were evaluated.
Albeit the ceremony carried out in the royal castle of the king’s capital was small-scale, they did discuss about the problem of the Sanctuary. The camp representatives gathered to talk about the Sanctuary, and all of the members immediately after solving the issue were naturally involved in the ceremony.

He had vivid memories of Otto having a tense, pale face and the castle shining within Garfiel’s eyes, although Roswaal nonchalantly decided to participate even after all those intense reactions. What a guy.
Well Otto did have tension, but Emilia also quickly matched his tension, so Subaru couldn’t really say much about it. Emilia’s tension made sense considering how she was being praised for achievements she didn’t even have memory of achieving.

Anyways, that’s a meeting from the past. Mutual greetings were carried out in a hurried manner.
And now the conversation would immediately move onto the main topic: the report for the city of Pristella—

[Roswaal: And just like the letter said, Otto and Garfiel have withdrawn because of their injuries. I see. Understood. These achievements are truly promising.]

Roswaal lets out an admirable sigh as he lets out these words after hearing the report. This makes Emilia raise her eyebrows as she lets out a “hey” with a slightly strong tone in her voice.

[Emilia: They were injured so badly that they couldn’t even return. Yet, you still put it like that. What are you trying to say?]

[Roswaal: Let’s refrain from jumping to any hasty conclusions. Yes it is heartbreaking that they were injured like that, and yes their forced, temporary withdrawal was no less heartbreaking than their wounds. However, on the other hand, no fatal damage can be hidden by the camp. If you include the other camps and consider the encounters with several of the sin archbishops…..successfully hiding that damage would really be a miraculous outcome.]


[Roswaal: The scars caused by the sin archbishops should of course be treated promptly, but everyone’s inflicted damage was kept to the bare minimum thanks to Emilia-sama and the city’s defense. I think that you should recognize that for yourself.]

[Emilia: …….Oh. Thanks.]

Emilia gives her thanks with an unconvinced face in response to Roswaal pointing out various things.
In actuality, his words should have strongly sounded like a sound argument. However, it is important to consider the impression of the speaker. Subaru felt like his impression was shady, and all the others probably thought so too.

[Roswaal: Well putting the question of people’s thoughts on me aside, shall we move onto something else? —By the way, the person who called in Emilia-sama to Pristella with that kind of riot should have been Anastasia-sama……but what do you have to say about that?]

[Anastasia: It was inexcusable to have her dragged into the middle of that uproar. If you want me to apologize, I will do it properly, as I am mentally prepared to do so.]

[Roswaal: And if you sincerely bow your head, this would end without your payment, not having a single cent to give…….Oh, but you don’t need to apologize to me. Didn’t Emilia-sama already turn you down too?]

[Emilia: Well shouldn’t the blame be put on the witch cult if they were the ones to cause mischief? I shouldn’t have obligations for Anastasia; she merely requested for our assistance. Also it’s not like we accomplished our goals that we were summoned out to Pristella for…..]

Roswaal casts a side glance, to which Emilia responds by feeling the pendant worn on her neck.
A new, big demon jewel is inside this pendant. Even now, a fast asleep big spirit is quietly awaiting for its revival as it continues to sleep. Puck obtaining the highly pure crystal gem, which would become his Yorishiro2—that’s something the camp was certainly achieving with their goals; something that was no less than what he was aiming for.

[Emilia: Also, isn’t it possible that the witch cult left because we were just casually there? If you think about it that way, it should be seen as Anasthasia’s achieveme…..]

[Anastasia: To think of it as that much would of course be too supportive to the other camp, so I’m gonna stop you there.]

For some reason, Anastasia turns Emilia’s words of optimism into words of support.
However, Roswaal’s current questioning was just trying to keep people in check. In actuality, it is possible that most of the witch cult’s aims were brought into Pristella by Subaru and the others. If that were to be pointed out, the atmosphere would become heavy, even with the certainty of the witch’s evil.
Thus, it would be in their best interest to avoid establishing the opinion, “Let’s work together. The witch cult is the worst!” .

[Subaru: I used my gate there, and the other 3 groups ended up being understanding too. One sin archbishop also died, and one was captured…, one thing was happening after another with the witch’s cult.]

[Roswaal: Though, their organization skills are a bit dubious. In their case, speaking of cooperation and unity would make them seem like an outlaw group without relations to each other. Even if they were to lose one of their allies and someone was left alone in the end, that lone lunatic’s psyche wouldn’t be repaired.]

[Subaru……I agree with you when you say that.]

Subaru agrees with Roswaal’s opinion, so he probably had the right idea.
The so-called witch cult “organization” was now more of a combined team of lunatics more than an actual organization. They couldn’t bring themselves to have any type of innocent way of thinking now that they lacked organization; they did not think to simply be obedient from now on.
The remaining Gluttony and Lust’s brutality would never be stopped.

[Subaru: That’s why we need to find a way to resist them. The next thing I’ll talk about is related to such.]

[Roswaal: …’s coming in touch with the “Sage”, Shaula, huh.]

[Subaru: I know that it’s not gonna be easy, but I’ll have no choice but to try it as long as I can’t come up with any other measure. Finally an omnipotent and omniscient….. or well, let’s say omniscient. If a sage like that exists, there’s no harm in just going to have her listen, right?]

[Roswaal: Although, everybody in these past hundreds of years who have tried that ended up suffering a big loss by paying with their lives.]

He depicts this common knowledge, and it certainly was a disturbing view of the situation. However, they had something up their sleeves for that reason.
Anastasia gives a gesture of slight acknowledgement with her chin when Subaru exchanges looks with her. Then,

[Anastasia: There’s where I come in. Fortunately, I have a way we can make it to the “Sage”‘ watchtower safely. So there’s no reason to worry about getting lost. Does that calm your worries?]

[Roswaal: Well even if you tell me to just believe you with your words…first of all even if you do have this method, you have many comrades who would want more even after being paid a great amount of money. Why are you the only one that…]

[Anastasia: Money is certainly important to me as a trader. —However, there are things in this world that can’t be replaced with money. This is among one of those things.]

Anastasia hits her thin chest as she exaggerates the magnificence of Eridna.
She was pretending to be Anastasia, but that one word had a wondrous power; a power that astonished Subaru, even while he knew about how Anastasia wasn’t her original self as of right now.

Anastasia looks into Roswaal eyes. He responds by closing one of his own, and then glares at her for a brief period with just his single yellow eye. Then

[Roswaal: Good grief. This is why it’s hard to deal with people who understand fighting and gambling. Moreover, it’s not like Emilia-sama will agree with this either.]

[Emilia: I believe that you’re being a bit rude by coming to these conclusions by yourself.]

[Roswaal: But you won’t go as far as to ask me to stop doing it. It’s fine though. You’ll dare to proceed in choosing this thorny path. That’s where he’ll accompany you as well.]

Roswaal responds in a half-hearted way, though he was interested in how they would get there after all.
The height of the hurdle Subaru had to climb over would become higher depending on Emilia’s choice of this difficult road. This is because it resembled a hope that would replace the book of wisdom in Roswaal’s point of view, as of right now.

[Subaru: Anyways, we’ll come across some sort of desert based off of Anastasia’s information, although it’ll cause some amount of days to pass by again.]

[Julius: It’s not just “some sort of desert”; it’s the Augria Sand Dunes. You’ve made this mistake so many times now, so how about you hurry up and remember it correctly already?]

Julius puts in his input as he lets out a sigh in reaction Subaru’s vague memory.
The person that has been watching and sitting on the sofa in silence the whole time next to Anastasia looks at Roswaal with an intellectual look and

[Julius: In regards to what Roswaal said, I do believe it’s a very difficult proposal to take in. However, the city of Pristella is still exposed to the witch cult’s tyranny, and there’s a vast amount of people who’ve had their mind and body damaged because of it. If we could somehow do something to be of assistance to them, then I would like to wish to have permission to do so.]

[Roswaal: You have quite a graceful way with words. It appears that you are an owner of extraordinary abilities…but it makes no sense how I have no recollections of that. Which means….that. Right?]


Roswaal understood the situation just from knowing how he was someone who Julius had no memories of. Julius looks slightly downwards, then Roswaal rests his chin on his hand of the arm that he had placed on the armrest of his chair.
He then loosens his lips with a sense of cheerfulness and

[Roswaal: Everybody forgets about the person affected by Gluttony’s authority. It feels like being left behind by the world. In order to avoid putting yourself behind, you’ll seek a thin amount of hope by heading to the “Sage” Shaula. It’s not like you need to make an excuse about how it’s for someone’s sake.]

[Julius: —By no means am I taking such movements for such self interests like that!]

[Roswaal: I am not blaming you. It’s actually a natural thing, so I like it better that way. Doing anything for yourself over doing basically anything for someone else’s sake becomes desperation. Even if you saved other people as a result with your actions―feeling satisfaction and feeling achievement from doing so―there’d be no need to deny your condescending heart.]

Julius’ face stiffens. Roswaal responds by continuing carefully.
His face turns into an even deeper smile under his clown makeup. Then

[Roswaal: And even more, if you save them, then there’s a high chance that other people will be saved in the same way as well. You even carry a just cause on your shoulder with your actions, so there’s no need for you to take a little blame, right?]

[Julius: I…….]

[Anastasia: Chief of the Mathers’ territory, may I ask you to stop there?]

Anastasia restrains Julius with her hand and then takes his place to face Roswaal. She let out an elegant smile and then tilted her lovely head.
And then,

[Anastasia: I also have no memories of him…..but even then, this child seems to be my knight. That’s why I don’t feel right when I watch him being bullied while he’s not able to do anything about it.]

[Roswaal: You’re saying that the bond between a master and a servant still exists between you two even when he has disappeared from your memories?]

[Anastasia: I wonder. I’m also not too certain about that. I didn’t feel like his worries were natural along the trip though……moreover―]

Anastasia gently raises her finger and points towards the sofa of the meeting. Then

[Anastasia: They’ve all been here this whole time. Do you view tearing your camp apart as protection?]

[Roswaal: —My oh my.]

In response to Anastasia’s points—Roswaal looks at Subaru, who is on the verge of eruption, and then shrugs his shoulders. Subaru was on the verge of shouting. Naturally, Emilia and Beatrice were on the edge of doing so as well.
You could have said that Roswaal gave into the situation, as he raised both of his hands in resignation.

[Roswaal: Okay okay. I’m sorry about this. Though, I do think that I was just pointing out the possibility of a certain aspect.]

[Subaru: That was unnecessary. You really need to stop with your bullshit.]

[Roswaal: Was it though? You will most likely come across people who don’t care about how many people benefit from the outcome; distrustful comrades who bring you down with abusive complaints. It seemed like you weren’t aware of that possibility, so I just thought to advise you to anticipate it.]

“You’re not doing this for someone’s sake. You’re doing it for your own.”
As a matter of fact, Subaru also had an experience held within him in the form of a pitiful wound where he was berated for his actions like that.

He once told Emilia at the royal castle that he was acting for her sake, but she responded by saying that he was acting for his own sake. As a result, he wouldn’t be able to easily forget about the pain from it. That was a definite truth.
However, he got a taste of it through his harmful intentions, whether it had been the truth or not. But just because he did doesn’t mean that―

[Subaru: It’s not as if the feeling of accomplishment decreases depending on the amount of people who approve of one’s actions. As if this person is like that. Stop it.]

[Roswaal: It can’t be helped, right? Because unlike you, I’m not familiar with his personality. …..Although your relationship with him doesn’t seem like just one that you’d have from a trip where you accompanied him for a few days.]

Roswaal looks down at Subaru, who lost his temper. In just this moment, Roswaal’s eye that bordered his long eyelashes becomes dark with a full-blown sense of tragedy. Then

[Roswaal: This means that you’re the only one who remembers again. Just like how you’re the only one who remembers Rem.]

[Subaru: Though, I do wonder what kind of fate this is.]

[Roswaal: It’s proof that you’re special. You should care for it. You should treasure it. —Because there are many things out there that cannot be obtained even when you wish for it.]

Nobody besides Roswaal himself followed the second half of his recollection.
However, even if he were to continue ask him questions until he shed light on it, Roswaal would not let out the truth; so Subaru quickly gave up on the situation. Anyhow, things that needed to be said should have been said now.
Next would be―

[Subaru: Just like the letter said, the confinement room and…..]

[Roswaal: And the Sleeping Beauty will be taken out, yes. Although, I was sure that you really hated people touching her.]

[Subaru: A way to wake her up might be found, so I’ll try it. Isn’t that a given?]

[Roswaal: I was surprised when I found out that you’d first try this measure with that girl. You give off the impression of an egoist, but you’re actually self-punishing with this part of the matter. Don’t you think that somewhere in your heart, somewhere in the corner of your mind that you should be the one to save her from the start?]


He hit the bull’s-eye, and Subaru reflexively sunk into silence.
He continued to worry about if there would be other victims to be afflicted with the same case as Rem by Gluttony up until they were just before the mansion on their trip to Pleiades.
Getting Rem to wake up of course wouldn’t even allow him to forget about that worry. If there was a possibility for her to wake up, he wished for her to hurry up and do so, even if it was just for a day, even if it was just for a single second.

However, the certainty of Subaru being the one to do it was a different matter.
All those people in the city of Pristella are suffering the same kind of damage as Rem. It was a situation where the sleeping people weren’t even capable of worrying about how their families felt about them being taken away.
The more Subaru thought about it, the more he felt the piercing of a strange wedge.

It was the feeling of guilt from saving her first over a multitude of other people.
This is why he had hesitated this time as well about taking Rem out—all the way up until just now, but―

[Emilia: I’ve already convinced Subaru, so there’s no problem.]

[Roswaal: …..This is quite surprising.]

The person that said this to Roswaal was Emilia. She takes place of Subaru, who is in a state of silence.
Roswaal is doubtful, but he looks at Emilia, who is puffed up with pride, and then closes one of his eyes. Then,

[Roswaal: You say that, but wouldn’t her awakening be troublesome for Emilia-sama? Subaru-kun has strong feelings for that girl, no matter how you look at it. In fact, they’re as strong as the feelings he has for you.]

[Emilia: Yeah. I think that’s right. Subaru will devote himself to that girl for a while, and he might stop caring about me as well.]

[Subaru: No. Under no circumstances would that…..]

happen. It shouldn’t happen.
He swears that his feelings towards Emilia would not waver from now on either.
It’s just that his feelings for Emilia were a different part of the entirety of his feelings. Him having strong feelings towards Rem is a fact, and just like Emilia said, if she were to wake up, there was no doubt that he’d become devoted to her.

However, she says “it’s fine” to Subaru. Then

[Emilia: If it makes Subaru turn the other way, that just means that I’ll be the one this time to do my best for you to turn my way. I’m not worried about Subaru suddenly not being there. Therefore, I’ll also have you come my way, no matter how madly in love you become with Rem with how cute she is.]

[Subaru: Eh? Emilia-tan!?]

[Emilia: That is my resolve and that is what I have decided. Moreover, nobody will complain about you saving her. —So it’s fine. Let’s wake up Rem.]

Emilia supports Subaru’s decision with her strong words.
Those words had some sort of sound that seemed like a confession. It surprised Subaru and made his knees shake. There were many times when Emilia told him things that sounded like affection—they happened, but in none of those times did she go over the level of her deep affection.

[Emilia: To me, to Rem, to Beatrice, to Petra, to Patrasche, to Otto-kun, to Garfiel, we all want you to be reaaally reaaally happy!]

[Subaru: Though you did mix an earth dragon with men at the latter half of your statement.]

She mixed in a loli at the middle too.
Anyhow, he accepts this and then Beatrice poked his shoulder, who was sitting beside him. Subaru let’s out an “oohee” and then looks to his side. Beatrice had her usual face of disappointment.

[Beatrice: It’s not like I’m going to complain about Subaru’s tendency to fool around with girls…..but my hand is always free, I suppose. This is the Betty only special privilege..]

[Subaru: …..You’re ridiculously cute.]

[Beatrice: That’s a given, I suppose. Betty’s charm resounds to the gods of heaven and earth.]

He didn’t go as far as to care about what the gods of heaven and earth thought about this, but it did resound in Subaru’s heart.
Subaru was supported by Emilia and Beatrice and would work hard to wake up Rem.
—He longer hesitated about doing this.

[Subaru: So that’s that, Roswaal. Sorry for being loved so much. Rem will be taken out.]

[Roswaal: You’ll just surprise Emilia-sama and Beatrice-sama when you make them sound like alternates like that. It’s fine, do whatever you want. I never planned on stopping you anyway.]

[Subaru: Alrighty, then about the talk from before.]

[Roswaal: I was feeling concern and just wanted to make sure that you understood the meaning of my actions. I also hurt your guys’ incredible, nameless knight, so.]

[Subaru: It’s okay.]

Roswaal spoke in a way that felt like banter until the very end. Julius inhales slightly, and when he exchanges looks with Anastasia

[Julius: I am Julius Juukulius. This only remains within his memory as of right now, but I am an imperial knight of the Kingdom of Lugnica. I am not so inept that my heart would be perturbed by something like this.]

He makes his declaration like this and did a splendid job on brushing aside the pestering from the wicked evilness of sorcerers.

[Subaru: ……Not very firm.]

[Julius: Just whose side are you on again? I feel like I’ve just been stabbed in the back.]

He sneaks in his last statement just after the ending of their conversation.

※※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※

The conversation had ended, and then Subaru and the others left the parlor.
They headed towards the confinement room that resided in the east wing of the mansion. They headed over there in order to come in contact with this person who possibly held an opportunity to grab a hold of an essential key in reaching the Augria Sand Dunes.
She was brought into the confinement room around a year ago when the previous mansion burned down—the same time when residents of the mansion migrated over—and has been kept there ever since then.
She wasn’t really the type of person you’d want to come in contact with, and it wasn’t really safe either, but—

[Roswaal: I wonder what kind of results will they bring. I wonder if this also means that I’m influencing them again by giving them expectations.]

Roswaal rests the weight of his back onto the sofa as he sinks deeply into it while grumbling these words.
One person was left in the parlor. The sorcerer thought over the lingering memory of the previous discussion, had someone come to mind, and then let out a slight laugh. Then

[Roswaal: Does this mean that I’m becoming a pleasing member to him too? What do you think?]

[Beatrice: ……You sure can say some disgusting things—is what I think, I suppose. You really have no limits, I suppose. It’s frightening; there’s no other way to put it, I suppose.]

[Roswaal: It’s not like I lack honor the more this body reaches its end.]

[Beatrice: You were a woman before as well. You have enough precautions, I suppose.]

Roswaal makes an increasingly cheerful smile, and then the little gi—Beatrice, who responded to his statement, started to play with her own hair as she pulled on it with a composed expression.
It might have been because she was bored, or perhaps it was a habit she’d do when getting nervous.

[Roswaal: Subaru-kun and the rest are going to the confinement room, you know? Don’t you think he’s unsafe without you by his side?]

[Beatrice: A pet dog that strengthens its own spirit is more of a burden than a stray dog that has times where it loses its spirit. That’s why I thought to keep him in check, I suppose.]

[Roswaal: Calling him a pet dog is cruel. Though I think that would be something he’d want if it meant being Sensei’s dog.]

[Beatrice: He is a helpless pervert. ……Roswaal, don’t underestimate him too much, I suppose. If you turn him on unnecessarily, Betty won’t forgive you.]

Roswaal let out a smile with a hint of lewdness as Beatrice suddenly educated him like this with a bitter face. Roswaal removes his smile afterwards, and just like always, he closes his one eye—his blue eye, and then returns Beatrice’s look with his yellow eye.

[Roswaal: You and I act different when it’s just us two; I act wholeheartedly, while you act carefree.]

[Beatrice: That would mean that you see a side of me that is completely different from a mother. The Betty that holds Subaru’s hand is several hundreds times better, so how about you refrain from offending me like that.]

[Roswaal: That’s something that you’ve become able to admit. Someone like you who pretends to be a librarian of a prohibited library should become as happy as she can.]

[Beatrice: That’s a given. Which is why I’ll have you allow me to act in order to protect that happiness, I suppose.]

Beatrice contests Roswaal with an equivalent level of intensity within her eyes as she stands in front of him while he remains seated on the sofa. Roswaal squints his eye as if to attempt to peek into the heart of that round-eyed girl and

[Roswaal: A single person defeated the sin archbishops. Subaru-kun most likely thinks that more than one did it.]

[Beatrice: ……There should be candidates other than Subaru that helped defeat them.]

[Roswaal: But none of them come close to him nor do they go on top of him. It’s a self-evident truth, whether it be just grazing him, whether it be going on top of him. Stop making it seem like they did more than what they actually did.]

[Beatrice: —I won’t let you say much more, I suppose.]

Beatrice responds to Roswaal’s argument with a voice that was coated with the determination that she previously hid from Roswaal.
She grabs tightly onto her arm’s sleeve and then glared at Roswaal.

[Beatrice: Betty is Subaru’s Betty. Therefore, Subaru will be himself, I suppose.]

[Roswaal: I don’t mean to hinder your efforts. It’s just that having fewer people to acknowledge would be more convenient for me. That’s all.]


Beatrice gives a strong glare at Roswaal at the end, and then she surely headed towards the door.
The remainder of the discussion was also put to an end.

[Roswaal: Beatrice.]

Roswaal speaks out to the faraway girl.
Beatrice stopped walking, but she doesn’t turn around.

[Roswaal: You see Beatrice, I want you to be happy—or at least always be stronger than all the other masses. This is what I feel, and that’s because you’re……you’re like a younger sister to me.]

[Beatrice: —That doesn’t make me very happy. Moreover, you’re not a mother.]

[Roswaal: Isn’t that what love is?]

She didn’t respond.
She simply opens the door, and then only sound to be heard throughout the parlor was the quiet sound of her closing the door.
And after that, not a single sound was left within the parlor.

1. [warm-up exercises popular in China, Taiwan, and Japan.

2. [an object that summons a spirit]